Ten best electric hand dryers

To help our readers make the right choice, we have gathered our knowledge in this guide, hoping that by following it, you can quickly narrow down your choice without spending hours visiting different sites and listening to different opinions. The following sections of this manual are designed to provide you with as much information as we think is necessary for the right choice.

But if you decide that your life will not get better from what you know about hand dryers more than is necessary, then you can go directly to the section “Brief Recommendations” or our ranking of the top 10 hand dryers. In the short recommendations, you will find the situation that suits you, and you can choose from the proposed recommendations.

Hand dryers are used where there are a large number of people, and the use of ordinary towels goes against sanitary standards - in office and shopping centers, cafes and restaurants, production shops, educational institutions, train stations, and airports, as well as in the street public toilets.

Dyson Airblade AB14

Model Dyson Airblade AB14 is presented in white and gray, and the body is covered with an anti-vandal, anti-bacterial coating. This is a submersible dryer that passes low air flows through openings 0.8 mm wide. This is the highest speed and hygienic dryer. Because the device dries hands for 10 seconds, no queues are created indoors. This is especially important for high traffic areas. Also, Dyson Airblade AB14 is recognized as sterile, and the installed HEPA filters disinfect the air entering it. This model is the most expensive of all presented below — the warranty provided by the manufacturer on the device - 5 years.

BXG JET 7000

The most popular high-speed dryer BXG-JET 7000 has a stylish, ergonomic design. The series is presented in four colors: red, white, gray and chrome. The dryer has the highest moisture protection, class. They are equipped with air purification filters and protection against overheating, short circuit, overload. Sturdy, safe and affordable model. Warranty - 2 years.

Mitsubishi JET TOWEL

Mitsubishi JET TOWEL high-speed dryer has the lowest noise level - just 59 dB. The air flow acts on the hands from two sides in a uniform way. JET TOWEL is equipped with an anti-bacterial filter and an automatic shut-off function after 30 seconds: manufacturer's warranty - 3 years.

site m 6666

The Scitex M-6666 JET high-speed electric hand dryer allows you to dry your hands in 6-8 seconds. The device has two power modes: 1900 and 800 W, which helps reducing energy costs. The sensor is triggered at a distance of 5-30 mm, and the air flow at a speed of 95 m / s blows moisture from the hands into a 0.5-liter tray with a filling indicator.

The model is turned off by a timer after 30 seconds. The body is made of impact-resistant ABS-plastic, so high-speed dryers are recommended to use in the San. Nodes with a large cross-country: in cafes, restaurants, business centers, shopping malls, airports.

Dyson airblade v

Model Dyson Airblade V has a narrow, compact design, due to which the dryer takes up very little space in the bathroom. The aerodynamic design of the engine with digital control contributes to reducing the noise emitted by air flow. The Dyson Airblade V dryer is made in two colors (nickel and white), and the innovative back panel makes it easy to install and maintain. Differs in the original form of the case.

The BXG JET 5300-speed dryer has a stainless steel body. The strength and temperature of the air flow can be adjusted. It features a volumetric air distribution, which ensures uniform drying of hands from hand to elbow. The color design of the model can be matte or glossy; on request, you can customize the body in any other color.

The Electrolux EHDA-2500 electric dryer differs from other models in that it is made according to a particular anti-vandal technology: the device is protected from the outside with a sleek steel casing, and the inside is made of silumin resistant to mechanical damage. There is double protection against heat. The dryer is equipped with a custom wind exhaust channel that rotates 360 degrees. Thanks to this dryer can be used not only for the hands but also for the body or hair. Also, it is a compelling model (2500 W).

Puff 8820

ABS plastic drier white. Puff 8820 dryer is characterized by a relatively low noise level - 64 dB, but the drying time is longer than that of other models - 15 seconds due to the low air flow rate. The device is designed for installation in public places with little traffic. The functionality of the invention corresponds to its affordable cost.

Ballu BAHD-2000DM

Dryer Ballu BAHD-2000DM is presented in two colors - white and chrome and equipped with a high-precision infrared sensor that immediately responds to the presentation of hands. One mode of heating air. Designed for use in office space.


BXG-100 - the cheapest model from all presented above. Body color can be white or chrome. Also, it is the most compact model: its dimensions are only 14x15x21.5 cm. It is not intended to serve a significant flow of people, because it has a small air flow rate (10 m / s), and the drying time is from 12 to 20 seconds. Therefore, a miniature, elegant dryer will fit well into the home bathroom or public toilets of low traffic. Low weight, which also distinguishes this dryer from competitors, allows you to mount it even on the thinnest walls.

Dryers in a classic case or high-speed - what is right for you?

With the advent of the Dyson Air blade hand dryers, a new approach to drying hands was offered to the attention of the world (although Mitsubishi first proposed this idea). From this point on, many manufacturers began to offer their versions of high-speed dryers, in which you need to put your hands inside, and Dyson and Mitsubishi continued to improve their models.

Now there are many different hand dryers in warner howard el600, which makes it easier to choose the right model, and prices for a dryer with a hand cavity start at 20,000 (excluding taxes). But, despite the popularity of dryers with a hole for the hands, is it worth it to automatically choose a dryer of this type, if for this you have to increase the budget?

To answer this question, you need to decide on three main factors: Location and type of users

It is evident that dryers, in which you need to put your hands, take up much more space on the wall than models in a classic case. Also, these dryers must be placed on the wall below. In toilets, where space is limited, this factor alone may force one to abandon dryers with a hand cavity. But no less obvious is the need to take into account the type of users. Adults should not have problems with dryers of any kind, but children or people with disabilities may experience difficulties with them.

For example, there are various recommendations for the height of the dryers, to which the hands are placed below when children use them, therefore, if only one hand dryer is installed in the toilet and many children can handle it, it can be quite tricky to place it at that height. To make it convenient for everyone.

Dryers, to which the hands are brought below, usually have one recommended mounting height, and people in wheelchairs can easily use such a dryer if it is possible to drive up to it from the side. Since these dryers are referred to as “blow dryers,” there is no need to rub your hands together to dry them, and this often facilitates the use of such dryers for people with reduced hand mobility. But it is not always easy for children to insert their hands from above into the cavity of such a dryer, and they try to add them from the side. The company Mitsubishi in its new dryer Towel Slim installed an additional sensor to accommodate this.

Of course, if you focus on an environment in which all users are adults, for example, a nightclub, or you allocate separate toilets for people with disabilities, then the above considerations become irrelevant.

It is also worth noting that hand dryers located in places of entertainment such as pubs, nightclubs, schools, and colleges, are more at risk of vandalism. Therefore, the most successful choice, in this case, will be more simple models of dryers, which will not be so easy to break and damage. Not the most intelligent people can try to shove the paper into various openings of the dryer, and some even try to tear it away from the wall. The purpose is not entirely clear, why they do it, but this happens all the time. Therefore, buying dryers for public places where actions of vandals are possible, it is better to pay attention to reliable devices in the anti-vandal case.

Hygiene (drip tray, marks on the walls)

Modern hand dryers do not evaporate water from your hands with heat. They mostly blow it away with hooks, using swift air currents. This means that part of the water is on the walls or the floor of the toilet room. In most cases, this is not a very big problem, as this water will evaporate, or it will be erased during the usual cleaning of the toilet. But in a situation requiring frequent use of dryers, problems may arise.

All dryers with a hand cavity, except Dyson Air blade, have a built-in drip tray into which every drop of waterfalls, so the problem mentioned is wholly eliminated. For dryers such as Mitsubishi Jet Towel Slim, the drip tray has an anti-bacterial coating.

Hand dryer capacity - how important is it?

This may seem like a strange question, but in some instances, the capacity of the dryer is a critical parameter, while in other situations it almost does not matter. For example, if you buy dryers for a room where they will be used intensively for short periods, then acquiring hand dryers that cannot cope with the flow of customers will irritate and dissatisfy visitors.

Also, in situations where lower throughput is required, installing dryers that take forever to dry visitors' hands can mean a wreck of your attempts to create high-quality service. Therefore, only two aspects related to performance are essential:

Will the dryer be used?

In other words, will people completely dry their hands, or will they merely refuse it - as Dyson put it, “they will leave wiping their hands on jeans”.

As for the drying time, as good news, it is worth noting that all manufacturers report drying times for their products. The bad news here is the lack of a standard way to determine this time, and most of the declared time is taken "from the ceiling," and is not obtained by accurate measurements. Although we recommend comparing the drying time, you can not pay particular attention to the difference in a couple of seconds.

It turns out that because drying your hands is one of the most boring activities you spend your time on (and therefore you want to do this as quickly as possible). Therefore, any way to make this process even a little more interesting should always be welcomed. For this reason, we approve of those dryers in which a countdown timer is set at the top. Also interesting are the dryers in which the light comes on, aimed at your hands. All these additions, as a rule, have no real function, except for attracting user interest so that drying is perceived more quickly, but people like them.